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This is How Love Works

9 Essential Secrets You Need to Know

By Steven Carter


How do you keep love alive? How do you make it grow, intensify, and

strengthen? How do you overcome the obstacles set up by inertia, carelessness,

and habit?


In this wise, thoughtful, and helpful new book, This is How Love Works, Steven

Carter defines the 9 Essential Secrets You Need to Know. As he writes in the



"Relationships are always moving. Either they are moving

forward in the direction of stronger partnership, or they are losing

ground. There is no magical still point; there is no way to put even

the most powerful love in neutral and coast for a while. This is why

relationships can be so challenging. And it is why love and

attraction are not always enough to keep two partners happy with

each other.


Perhaps love itself--its origins, and its power--will always be

a mystery. Why a relationship works or doesn't work, however, is

not a total mystery. It is only a challenge--a challenge you can

easily meet if you have the tools."


You may be surprised to hear that you already possess many of these "tools." It

is a question of remembering where they are and putting them to use. The 9

Essential Secrets are these very tools. These secrets are not ephemeral or hard

to grasp. They are not exhausting, or complex. On the contrary, they are easily

understood, and easily put into daily practice. You may be following some of

them instinctively right now; others can be incorporated with little effort.

Awareness is the key. And that is what this book is all about.


Steven Carter has devoted himself to dealing with the problems and rewards of

relationships for the past twenty years. His Men Who Can't Love, He's Scared,

She's Scared, What Smart Women Know, and Getting to Commitment have

opened the doors of self‑understanding, empowering literally millions of men and

women in their search for love and fulfillment. Carter's insights into the dynamics

of interpersonal interactions are truly remarkable. This is How Love Works is for

everyone who believes that their relationships are worth working for.


Steven Carter is the author, with Julia Sokol, of the bestselling Men Who Can't

Love, which has sold over one million copies, as well as the bestsellers, What

Smart Women Know, and He's Scared, She's Scared. He lives in Los

Angeles, California with his wife, Jill.