"There are questions, and then, there are real questions.  GETTING TO COMMITMENT asks real questions, about a very real issue most of us have faced or are facing--commitment, or the lack thereof.  Steven Carter and Julia Sokol have touched a nerve that is sure to leave a lasting impression on us all."

Iyanla Vanzant, author of
In The Meantime and
One Day My Soul Just Opened Up


"For most guys, 'commitment' is a four-letter word.  GETTING TO COMMITMENT does exactly what the title says: In plain and unpretentious language, it helps take the fear out of the process.  I recommend it highly."

Asa Baber
columnist, Playboy


"Like a AAA roadmap that gets you from the rocky road back onto the right path...Even people who swear they'll never be able to find the right relationship will be able to understand what they're doing wrong, and what to do to make it right again.  Be careful what you wish for -- you just might get it after reading this book."

Linda Stasi, Village Voice columnist, TV commentator, author of Boomer Babes


"If you are tired of being a "fake soul-mate" and are interested in finding and holding on to the love of your life--GETTING TO COMMITMENT is the book for you...These lessons will put an end to the "fantasy partner" problem, and will allow each of us to make a commitment to ourselves to be ourselves."

Dr.  Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant,
psychologist, Essence advice columnist and author of The Best Kind of Loving


"Steven Carter has come up with yet another brilliant, honest, and insightful book.  There are no gimmicks...It is a book that will give anyone the insight as to why we are so afraid to touch souls and to commit to another person...This book is unlike other relationship books on the topic.  It is not bitter and does not bash the opposite sex.  It helps you work through the obstacles which have prevented you from making meaningful and powerful relationships with the people you love.  Read it and heed it!"

Lillian Glass, Ph.D., author of
Attracting Terrific People and
He Says, She Says


"For many of us, the effects of reading Steven Carter's Men Who Can't Love was Einsteinium.  By naming the previously unnamed phenomenon Commitmentphobia he and Julia Sokol redefined the equation of male/female relationships so that it finally made sense.  GETTING TO COMMITMENT shows us how to balance that equation and finally solve it."

Laura Zigman, author of
Animal Husbandry


"If you are afraid of a committed relationship, you'll find comfort and support in this wonderful book as it guides you step by step through the process of facing, understanding, and transforming your fears."

Ellen Kriedman, Ph.D., author of
Light His Fire, Light Her Fire, and
The 10 Second Kiss


"A wise, balanced, thoughtful, and well-written guide to commitment and, therefore, to ourselves.  Read this to open yourself to commitment, or to deepen the commitment you've already made.

Warren Farrell, Ph.D., author of
Why Men Are The Way They Are and
The Myth of Male Power


"Compassionate, and filled with common sense...GETTING TO COMMITMENT offers real solutions.  It is a valuable book which deserves to reach a broad audience."

Susan Forward, Ph.D., author of
Men Who Hate Women and the Women
Who Love Them



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