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Overcoming the 8 Greatest Obstacles to Lasting Connection
(and Finding the Courage to Love)

by Steven Carter, with Julia Sokol

Are you ready for long-term love?

Are you ready to set aside blame, excuses, rationalizations, and fear? Are you ready to welcome a real and sincere connection into your life?

In the world of love and intimacy, we can often be our own worst enemies.  We sabotage our relationships and undermine our chances; we focus on the wrong partners and run away from real possibility.   We find it difficult to be trusting, vulnerable, faithful and honest.  No matter how great the desire, we don't know how to move forward.

GETTING TO COMMITMENT is about growth and change.  It is about getting the love you deserve.  You will learn how to recognize and overcome the eight greatest obstacles to lasting connection, how to focus on real possibility, and how to make and keep the relationships that matter most.  Whether you are facing your own commitment issues, or the issues of a reluctant partner, there is a way to both understand and resolve these conflicts. 

When it comes to commitment, Carter knows what he is talking about.  He wrote (along with Julia Sokol) the definitive book on the fear of commitment, MEN WHO CAN'T LOVE.  He also coined the term "commitmentphobia."  Now, drawing from in-depth interviews, as well as his own personal struggle with commitment, Carter takes the next step with GETTING TO COMMITMENT, offering concrete solutions for finding and keeping long-term love.

Falling in love and staying in love requires its own kind of heroism.  Our hearts have to be brave as well as loving.  That's because it takes real courage to love; it takes real courage to make a commitment.  This book is about finding that courage.

(from the back cover of GETTING TO COMMITMENT)

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At book stores September 1998



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